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Meet Hotties Help

QuickStart guide

Below are the step-by-step instructions to create your profile and start meeting people.

1. Click on the 'Edit Profile' link.
2. Once you go to that page, fill in the required information. Please note that you need a valid email address. It will be used to communicate with your future double matches.
3. You MUST submit your picture because it is the primary element by which people find their match on Meet Hotties. If you already have a picture on Teen Hotties it will automatically appear on the edit profile page. Otherwise, enter the URL where your picture can be found.
4. Once all information is entered click on 'Submit Everything.'
5. If you entered all the information correctly the system will let you know that the submission went successful.
6. You can now go to 'Meet People' and start looking for anyone who you want to meet.
7. On that page you can select a criteria of people to look for and simply click yes or no on each person that appears.
8. Your 'Double Matches' page will contain the list of all people who you clicked yes on and who clicked yes on you mutually.
9. From here you can send email to any of your double matches.
10. Once you click on 'Send Email' you will go to the page that displays the person's profile followed by the message entry field. Simply enter your message and click on 'send'.

Uploading fake, unacceptable or offensive pictures or writing offensive profile will result in revokation of your privilege to use the Meet Hotties service.

The Student Center Network takes no responsibility for the actions of the users of the Meet Hotties service. Please be aware that meeting people in real life after only talking to them on the internet can be dangerous.

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